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Full Coverage Car Insurance Quotes

For those willing to spend the time and/or money required, planning ahead can easily turn a calamity into a mere inconvenience. As a matter of fact, this is the thought that lies behind the very concept of insurance: spend a little money each month to avoid spending a huge amount when the unforeseeable occurs. For those drivers who want to be as well-prepared as possible, some form of full-coverage car insurance is generally the only choice.

It's Not Just For Boy Scouts

At its core, full-coverage car insurance is essentially the same as normal car insurance: it contains the usual liability coverage for property damage, bodily injury, and repairs, meeting most states' minimum insurance requirements quite easily. On top of that, however, a full-coverage policy provides certain additional benefits. The specifics vary from policy to policy and from company to company- “full-coverage” can mean very different things to different insurers, so if you're looking for as much car insurance coverage as you can get you should know about your options:

  • Collision Coverage applies to any damage inflicted to the insured vehicle in an accident by other vehicles or obstacles. This typically comes with a deductible of at least one or two thousand dollars.
  • Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage inflicted to the vehicle through acts of vandalism, theft, or other mishaps not related to a collision.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Protection is particularly useful for drivers in a state that does not require all drivers to carry car insurance, since it covers expenses arising from accidents where the other driver has no car insurance, or doesn't have enough to cover the damage incurred.

Dollars and Sense

Even if you intend to purchase every variety of car insurance coverage available, you don't necessarily have to spend an exorbitant amount to get it. Even with the most expensive policy available there's some benefit to be found in bargaining; even more benefit than usual, as a matter of fact, since saving 1% on deluxe car insurance can mean greater total savings than a 5% discount on a typical liability-only policy. Therefore, before trying to buy a full-coverage car insurance policy, it's in your best interest to first compare quotes from as many insurers as possible so that you can weed out companies whose prices aren't reasonable.

The process of individually asking each insurer to make an offer can be terribly time-consuming, so whenever possible it's recommended that you take advantage of both insurers and third-party organizations that offer to solicit price quotes for car insurance on your behalf. Taking time and effort out of the process of shopping for the full-coverage car insurance you want means being able to spend more of your energy on what's really important, or at least on being ready for the day you find it.